Posted by: Tammy Cravit | December 12, 2010

“Project Zero” Students Step Up to Stop Bullying

When we hear about horrific incidents of bullying, one of our instinctive responses is often to ask “how could that happen?” We wonder why nobody said anything, why nobody did anything, to stop the bullying. In eastern Oregon, one group of students say their school doesn’t have a major bullying problem, and they aim to keep it that way. The East Oregonian reports:

Students in Pilot Rock are working to change the culture of their school.

“Bullying is not needed in our school at all,” said Joey GrosJacques.


“Bullying isn’t real prevalent at our school, but it does happen,” said Amy Lee Perrine. “Nobody needs to be bullied.”

“It’s just sad to think people are getting bullied,” said Taryn Ostrom. “I’ve been bullied. I don’t like it. I don’t want to let others get bullied.”

Ostrom, Perrine, GrosJacques and other students agreed. They decided to put a stop to it.

They formed a group called “Project Zero.” The name refers to a zero-tolerance for bullying, GrosJacques said.

Kudos to the students of Pilot Rock’s junior and senior high schools for their efforts.


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