Posted by: Tammy Cravit | December 10, 2010

It’s Not Just Students Who Get Bullied in Schools

Bullying in schools has been increasingly visible in the news lately. But apparently, it’s not just students who can be the victims of bullying. The Massachusetts Herald News reports that teachers in one school district feel bullied by administrators. The newspaper reports:

As she sat face-to-face with members of the School Committee, the president of the Fall River Educators Association described an environment that is sapping the morale of city teachers.

President Paula Kaylor told the committee that many of the teachers feel they are subject to regular acts of intimidation and bullying from administrators. Those acts, she said, are leaving educators feeling “disrespected and insulted.”

“The tone used to speak to teachers in front of students and other staff are unnecessary,” Kaylor said.

Kaylor also said senior teachers are being forced out of their positions in an effort to replace them with younger, lower-paid teachers. She said some teachers were being excessively monitored, with administrators observing specific classrooms on a daily basis while other teachers’ actions go unnoticed.

She told the committee teachers are given no input into how students are taught in the classroom and teachers are discouraged from talking with each other.

“The current environment in many buildings is that teachers cannot collaborate as they should” to meet student needs, Kaylor said, flanked on each side by two union members.

You can read the full article here.

Ending bullying among students is, of course, an important part of making our schools safe and our kids successful. But students, teachers, and administrators all need to be committed to ending bullying. If students see teachers and administrators engaged in bullying behavior, how are they supposed to learn not to bully one another?

Teachers and administrators, is this a problem in your school districts? If so, how do you handle it?


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