Posted by: victoriapynchon | November 20, 2010

Five-Step School Conflict Problem Solving

From Triune’s Enjoyable Learning web site.

Negotiation & Mediation and Vignettes

“Negotiation” addresses the issues of interpersonal conflict and outlines a five-step conflict solving approach that can be used to work out conflicts without the aid of a third party. It also demonstrates how to conduct role-playing.

In, “Mediation”, peer mediators demonstrate in detail a four phase mediation process and encounter two circumstances where the process breaks down – when dealing with issues of alleged sexual harassment and racism.

These two videos employ real students, parents and, school staff as participants in a workshop exploring negotiation and mediation skills under the guidance of a prominent workshop leader. The workshop footage is intercut with a series of dramatic “vignettes” that provide the viewer with an “eye witness” glimpse of the conflicts that the workshop participants will explore later through role-playing.These vignettes are chaptered in the DVD version and available as a separate program in VHS only (click here)



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