Posted by: victoriapynchon | November 16, 2010

Girls Suspended for Wearing I Heart Boobies Bracelets

Geesh . . . I was just reading again the other day about the free speech suit arising from high school students wearing black armbands to school in protest against the VietNam War (I was one of the organizers of a similar protest at my high school in San Diego and no one made a fuss, the best response given the fact that when we gathered on the football field we had fewer than a dozen people there even though we’d stuffed every locker in the school with fliers)

50 years later more of the same; will they never learn?

Here’s the link to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog on the persistence of school administrators making unconstitutional mountains out of self-expressive molehills.

The Constitution-loving Tea Party ought to be putting their considerable resources behind these youngsters.  The Tea Party and the ACLU ~ could there be stranger bed-fellows?



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