Posted by: victoriapynchon | November 13, 2010

Conflict Resolution for Educators? You Betcha!

When I talk to educators, particular those teaching children, their number one conflict resolution challenge is the same ~ the parents! But parents are not the only people with whom educators find themselves in conflict.  There are also educator-administration and educator-student conflicts that take the joy out the job we teachers (yes I teach too!) are were so passionate about (for the English teachers among you:  “about which we are were so passionate.”)

We’ll be blogging here about the ways in which disputes arise and how they can be resolved, transformed or transcended.  The ABCs of Conflict Resolution takes on the challenge of disputes from a general perspective, often focusing on those conflicts that have ended up in the hands of lawyers.  A fate that no one should ever have to endure!  And I speak from considerable experience on this topic!

The purpose of this blog is to make specific to the educators’ job many of the general conflict resolution insights contained in the book.

So, sit back, hold tight, and know you’ve always got a friend at the ABCs of Conflict for Educators. We’re here for you.



  1. Very interesting concept for a blog. In one sense, education itself is a form of managed conflict (and sometimes more so than others…).

    Good luck with the new blog! I’ll pass this along to the educators I know.

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